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Comics available from ghostwerks

Comics available from ghostwerks

Champion of Children
Champion of Children

Maddy and Jr. have to take on Briggatine the Pain Machine, an intergallactic thug who’s traveled light years to earth seeking revenge on his oldest nemesis. Too bad for him he runs across the Champ first. If you’ve liked Samax’s art on previous books, yer gonna loose your mind this time out the gate. As requested by our fans, this is the longest Champion of Children story ever. A full book length 24 pages and dang near every one of them’s got somebody getting a fist in their grill..

Also, we’ll hitcha’ with a second helping of raw in this issue provided by Corance Davis and indy phenom Cal Slayton. Rowdy sees his first appearance and destruction reigns supreme.

Order your copy of Champ #2 today.
It’s 32 pages for $3.

Ghostwerks Comics
Ghostwerks Comics

GHOSTWERKS COMICS #1, a 48 page anthology of pure love for comics. This book is the crew’s most ambitious work to date, covering topics all the way from animal rights to non-violence with our usual blend of comedy and action.

This time around, we put together a huge 48 page comic, that’s twice the size of ‘yer standard mainstream comic! All at the low price of $2.95. At ghostwerks, we give you alotta comic for your cheddar.

GC #1 has 5 great stories in it by the ghostwerks team… and we’d like to share some of our work with you. Below are five thumbnails, one from each of the stories. Take a look, and then pick up a copy of Ghostwerks Comics #1.

Order your copy of
GhostwerksComics #1 today.
It’s 48 pages for $3


After School Special

Sold out.

This 32 page action packed comic is a a fast-paced, all-ages, superheroic, kung-fu kicking romp.

When the world needs saving, sometimes only a kid will do. Little Mad Skillz, Junior Raw, and company combine old school heroics with elementary school attitude. With great art and a wild new concept, CHAMPION OF CHILDREN is sure to turn a few heads.

From Lonestar Comics:
Let me direct your attention to a small press book called Champion of Children from Ghostwerks Comics. Although not offered in Previews, but available in our Megastore, this is one comic you should not pass up. It is an all-ages romp through the playground with superheroes who still have recess and nap-time. The art, described by one of the artists as “ghetto-manga” is very energetic and fits the characters to a tee, and the storylines are fast-paced, fun, and furious. If you like martial arts, hate school house bullies, and love to laugh, I strongly urge you to give Champion of Children a try. You can send the thank you letters to Lonestar Comics



“Ghostwerks the Ashcan” was an attempt to give folks a preview of our work before the Champ special came out. It contains a Champ preview, a full Dare story, and “The Genius” by Michael Lagocki. There are very few copies of this one left. Signed copies can nabbed by meeting us at cons or ordering directly for $2.




“TALES OF HIGH SCHOOL HORROR” is a dark comedy by Michael Lagocki.

This tribute/parody of the classic EC horror comics surrounds the strange and deadly Gainesville highschool, where you’re never quite safe. This ashcan contains material for mature readers.

Signed copies can nabbed by meeting us at cons or ordering directly for $2.