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Helping preserve the best from the past as a legacy for the future.

Helping preserve the best from the past as a legacy for the future.

Helping preserve
Helping preserve

Who We Are

Fine Art Investments, established in 1972 by Dennis R. Tesdell, (Originally “Antiques For Interiors”) is a professional business specializing in appraising, evaluating and brokering high quality fine art and antiques. Fine Art Investments specializes in brokering old authentic Tiffany Lamps and high quality American and European paintings by major well known artists. We also provide Professional Appraisal services within the state of Iowa.

Dennis R. Tesdell took years of formal education, majoring in art history, design and art. As a collector himself, he gained much knowledge from experts in various fields to further educate himself. He spent years traveling and visiting the best museums and galleries in the world, learning from renowned experts by hands on experience and mentoring. He often visited museums and fine galleries during and after hours, spending time learning from the curators and well seasoned gallery owners he had befriended, some of whom went on to be ANTIQUES ROADSHOW experts, or “specialists” working for major auction houses.

Dennis R. Tesdell, Owner, Fine Art Investments Dennis R. Tesdell, Owner
Fine Art Investments

After operating an art and antique gallery for several years, he decided to do nothing but appraisal and brokerage work, since there were no qualified appraisers in his state with his knowledge and experience. He soon became well known for his knowledge and expertise in fine art and antiques. He developed a good working relationship with insurance companies, trust departments, attorneys, the IRS, corporations and private collectors needing appraisals in Iowa. He has been a member of several appraisal associations, and has been an Associate Member of the International Society of Appraisers, Inc. for almost 20 years. The 30 plus years Dennis has spent in this profession have earned him the friendship and respect of his fellow appraisers, museum curators and directors and collectors nationally.

From 1978-2000 Dennis Tesdell authored and contributed many articles on art and antiques and on the art and antique appraisal process. In 1999 he was a chief contributor to the first book published by DUMMIES on antique collecting, called Antiquing For Dummies. He is given special thanks and recognition in the author’s “acknowledgments” section. The other people working for and with Dennis Tesdell are all highly skilled and experienced professionals, each with certain duties and expert “specialty areas” in the fields of high quality fine art and antiques.


Dennis R. Tesdell, Owner
If what you have is high quality, in very good to excellent condition, and you feel it might be of interest to our clients, please feel free to email me with photos and details (see “Easy Steps To Getting Started” on the Brokerage Page). We’ll do all the research. At no charge to you. We often find some of the best pieces for our clients from people who have inherited things, or who are simply not collectors who don’t realize the potential value of what they have until they email us or show the item to

The complete Tandberg range of recorders is detailed on the Get reel “Just Tandberg” CD-ROM, from the Model 1 to the TD20 including all those in between. It contains hundreds of pictures, many circuit diagrams, user manuals and vintage test reports. Plus, some great miscellaneous literature like a reproduction of the 1968 51-page Tandberg Company book, vintage Tandberg catalogs featuring some of their other products (tuners, amps, speakers, accessories etc), vintage price lists, a history of Tandberg, company newsletters and more!

Click on any of the tape recorders or listed items below to view the CD-ROM sample page. The “S” button on each recorder page takes you the specifications table.